I’m not nearly finished Twin B’s jumper but I’m more than halfway finished. I’m at the point now where I split for the upper half (the back and two front halves are worked individually from here). I am more than halfway finished in terms of stitches but this part is less mindless than the bottom half so maybe it will take the same amount of time.

I’m still really loving the Shine. It’s a beautiful yarn to work with. I might just get some to make something for me! It comes in a worsted version now, too ;)

I’m trying to decide what to make to ‘match’ the jumpers. I’d been thinking little hats and booties, but now I’m thinking about diaper covers. This pattern is adorable, and I think I could modify it to work with my yarn. I’m 99% sure the twins’ mum is using disposies so there isn’t an issue with using cotton yarn, either. I’m not totally worried about sizing as it is pretty adjustable but I am worried about a) finding Aplix and b) sewing it on. I hate sewing, finishing of any sort really. They would be oh so cute under the jumpers… or would they?

I can’t do hats and covers. I can do hats and booties though, or covers and booties. I also have a skein of a light grey to use in embroidering the jumpers (no I still haven’t decided what I’m doing for that, either), so I could use some of that and stripe the covers/hats as well – still doubt I’d have enough for both though. I’ll have to look at yardage requirements for infant hats. Decisions, decision!! It may come down to hats being in the round (requiring DPNs) versus diaper cover being back-and-forth (thus requiring much more purling) and deciding which is the lesser of two evils on whatever day I choose to start.