I took some photos of the progress I’d made this afternoon, and then I got a bunch more done while we watched a movie. It’s moving really quickly; I’m on row 90 and I imagine I am 2/3 to 3/4 finished. At some point soon I am going to put it on some string and try it on; I’m not quite sure how long I want to make it. I’m also toying with sending the travelling rib back the other way, but I’m not quite sure about that. It will depend on how much longer I decide to make it.

The stitch holder marks one of the sleeves.

Top-down view.

It’s hard to get a photo of it lying flat because of the stitch holders at the sleeves. Ah, well.

I did make one mistake and realised it five rows later; I was not about to rip back five rows, so at one point I travelled the rib at the wrong spot (row 58 instead of 57). I decided I can live with that. I also attempted to knit a weird knot into the fabric but when I got back around to it on the next row I realised that was a bad idea, so I did rip back on that one! It goes quickly in the sense that I seem to get back to a travel row (every 4 rows) in no time at all; the length does not seem to be growing that quickly though!