I am so close to finishing my tank top it is not even funny. Here are some photos of the tank in progress.

I am pretty pleased with the evenness of my tension on this one. The stitches are fairly even and really don’t even look like they need much blocking. I hoped to finish knitting by tonight so I can block it overnight and seam it tomorrow. We have casual days all week at the office because we met our target of $50m in sales, and I’m hoping this would be suitable enough to wear. I’m not 100% sure what I think about wearing sleeveless tops in the office, even for casual days, but I figure I can run it by my boss on Monday.

Tomás had to explore the tank as soon as I started to lay it out for pictures. He is really quite a silly cat. For some reason, the unmoving needle interested him more than the loose yarn ends! He is usually quite interested in the knitting while it is not moving, but not as interested in it when I am working on something – thankfully! He is occasionally quite interested in the yarn as it comes off the ball, though.

I’m not as happy with my edges. For the most part, the seam will cover them up, but I think I’m going to have to investigate smooth edging. Perhaps it’s a combination of different stitches or possibly different tension, I’m not sure. For this, I slipped the first stitch every row up until the point when I don’t seam, and from there I just worked it in pattern and tried to be carefully even. After I finished, I read something saying to have an even edge you should knit every row but I don’t really know how much that helps.