Sorry for the lack of photos – I haven’t uploaded them from my camera yet. I’ll have photos of two things coming up soon: my new secret project (coming along nicely!) and the soaker I am about to rip out. It’s the wrong size. My gauge is dead on but there’s a quirk in the pattern that I missed on the first time through. I’m going to rip and re-knit it in a different size, and practice a few things for the longies I’m making for a friend. I’d like to include elastic along the waistband, and use the pleated waistline from CurlyPurly (I keep typing “curlypurply” by mistake, and it makes me giggle). I’m not sure if I’ll do this by carrying along the elastic, or by threading it through post-waistband-construction so those are some things I’ll experiment with.

I’ve set aside my hat project from my one-skein yarn; I’m getting pooling I’m not happy with at the moment, so I’m investigating other options. After considering some striping and a slip-stitch/mosaic pattern, I think I’m just going to knit the hat and alternate yarn from opposite ends of the ball. Once again, a-ripping I must go. I’ve got a few pictures of the hat on my camera waiting to be uploaded, too, so I’ll post those soon as well.

Oh, and the lux tank? Still awaiting blocking..