After ripping out the previous funny-shaped soaker, I started this one. I am using the WonderShorts pattern from Wooly Wonder, with the Curly Purly pleated waistband. I worked the initial 1×1 rib for an inch, then 1 inch of the next step in the waistband, then another inch of the last step. Then I added two short rows at 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches and worked even until 5 1/2 inches where I worked the crotch gusset thing. Now I’m working on the legs. I am too cheap to buy a long Addi, and my Denise needles don’t work for Magic Loop (too stiff- I’m lusting after the Knitpicks Needles to the point of thinking about selling my Denises to fund a Knitpicks purchase….), so I’m two-needle-ing it with the Addi and a Denise. I have no idea what size Addi it is; it’s the 16″ circ I use for hats out of C220 and since this is a soaker out of 220, I decided it would work. Seems to have done so, I’m getting gauge dead on. Now I just have to work the legs until they are as long as I want them. I’m thinking 3 inches total – the baby’s got a 7″ inseam, so that should be knee-length? The pattern calls for four rows of garter at the end but I’m thinking four rows of seed stitch instead.

I skipped my knitting group tonight so I can go scrapbooking on Friday (there’s just too much to do to do it all! I picked the wrong career to have multiple hobbies..), and I am missing the comraderie. I’ll probably miss next week too because I have an exam on Thursday morning. Ah, well. Posted by Picasa