I’m dying to order some of Knitpick’s new needles, but I’d like to order some yarn at the same time (even though I’ve got $40.50 or something worth of needles – it saves me either paying shipping or ordering $40 of yarn in the future for a few random skeins). However, I should not be buying more yarn until I have used up some of what I have.

To this end, I would like to pledge to finish the following projects before starting anything new (or buying more yarn!):

0) Leif’s longies – 0% finished; PRIORITY once I check out the fit on the test pair I’ve just finished.

1) Mystery Project – I’m 50% finished; still enthusiastic just lacking in time.

2) Purple/yellow socks – I’m perhaps 75% finished? I honestly don’t recall. I think I’m past the heel on the 2nd sock.

3) W tank – needs a bottom border. Undecided on what to do for said border – leaning toward seed stitch, but may compete with garter-stitch body. Perhaps openwork?

4) Dark socks – I have about four rows of these toe-up, two-at-once socks finished. Looking for a pattern of some sort but don’t want it to fight with the variegation.

5) New hat for me out of my OneSkein June yarn. Must rip and re-start, creating much sadness.

I’ve got a fair amount of yarn that I purchased for projects that no longer appeal to me. I may arrange a swap or sale of some sort in the near future. We shall see.