My beautiful cat, hiding behind the curtain.
These started out as a test of a pattern I’ll be using; I was planning on making shorts but when I got to the point of thinking about length (I decided on 4.5″), I realised I probably had enough yarn left for longies. I did! I still have more than enough left for a waist tie, too.
I tried to get an accurate picture of the color and failed, but this shows how the yarn is actually four different colored strands twisted together. It’s really pretty IRL, kind of heathered looking.

I hear that Cascade 220 is not great for soakers because it is over-processed, but perhaps with enough lanolizing it will work. It will help me sort out more accurate measurements for the next pair I am making – out of a beautiful custom-dyed yarn from Irish Baby Knits (this yarn, but the orange is more orange and less rust in person). It also convinced me that 270 yards should be plenty for a pair of longies for Leif for the winter since I got this pair out of less than 220 yards. Yay! I can’t wait to get started, this yarn is luscious! Posted by Picasa