I’m making reasonable progress on the final piece of my mystery project, considering the temperature has not dropped below 80 in what feels like AGES (really only about four days). I’m starting to worry about having enough yarn, of course, which is terrifying. I’ve been frantically measuring as I go along, and am exactly on gauge in terms of the dimensions so far, so I’m hoping I’m just a really bad judge of (a) how much yarn is left in the skein and (b) how much I’ll need for finishing. As long as I can finish this piece with this skein, I can always suck it up and buy another one for the finishing, even if it is a different dyelot. When purchasing yarn, I normally loko at recommended amounts – if one size larger than the size I plan to make calls for the same number of balls of yarn, I don’t order an extra one; if the size I’m making is the last size that calls for that number of balls, I do. I’m not sure if that makes sense to anyone else.

Anyway, this plan has worked wonderfully for me so far but this time I have been foiled. See, I decided after purchasing the yarn that I was actually going to make a medium instead of a small – having purchased the yarn recommended for small, since medium called for the same number of balls – but now that I am making the medium, using my logic I should have bought another ball.

Ah, well. We shall see!