A coworker is having a baby and her shower is Friday (er, yes, I know that is 6 days away). Here’s the soaker I’m working on for her. I think I need to rip and re-knit the cuff, so I haven’t done the second one yet. I’m still not confident in the height – the leg opening is ever so slightly larger than I think it should be – but I can’t decide if it matters. I’m leaning toward thinking it doesn’t, provided my cuffs are loose enough. I KNOW the cuff needs to be un-bound-off and redone more loosely. I tried a sewn bind off and it looked tacky so I tried just being extra loose – no go. Outside of that, I suspect I might have made the cuff slightly too small at the end. It fits up to my elbow which seems like it should be big enough for a chunky baby thigh but I am just never sure! So, I’m undecided. Until I decide, the other cuff will not be knit.  
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