I have a bunch of leftover orange yarn (Cascade 220) after finishing Leif’s longies, and I ran across this great pumpkin pattern from CurlyPurly. It is a really simple, basic pattern that is easily adaptable so I pulled out my sz 5 DPNs and got to work. This took me about an hour or so. I followed the pattern for the most part with a few modifications.

To start, I cast on 28 stitches and k3, kf&b for the first row. This set me up with the 35 stitches I needed to work the k4, p1 pattern. I worked this for 25 rows and then worked a decrease row – k3, k2tog. Then I pulled the end through the stitches and pulled tight. I stuffed with some wool scraps (and some absolutely luscious Rowan Cashsoft!) before feeding the tail through the cast on and pulling tight. Then I brought the tail through to the other side, pulled until it looked like a pumpkin, tied the two ends together and wove them in. I hope it stays put!

After that, I wove a tail of some green Galway Highland Heather through the top of the ball to create five “stitches”. Then I picked up those stitches and worked some i-cord. C’est fini! Posted by Picasa