I made this Calorimetry (from Knitty.com) for my mom to wear when she is out shoveling or doing other things in the cold New England winters. It will fit under a larger hat for extra warmth or work on its own when it isn’t that cold out. The yarn is 100purewool, and I *love* it. It’s a single-ply which I am not usually a fan of but this yarn is so soft and gorgeous I cannot resist. I still have a bit left and I am hoarding it, trying to decide what to do with it. It’s really lovely.
The pattern calls for it to be closed with a button, but I don’t like buttons, so I didn’t do one. Instead, I made a twisted cord to be used as a tie. The pattern also calls for the short rows to be done in a manner which I consider to be incorrect, which leaves little holes behind. I dislike holes, so I did them properly with the exception of the first two which I used for the cord to thread through. Mom really likes it!

Here’s another Calorimetry, using the gorgeous hand-dyed yarn that I used for Amelia’s mitts (see previous post). Between Calorimetry and the mitts, I used all of the yarn that I had, with just enough left over to make one baby sock. Does anyone know a one-footed baby? I think I’m going to try the local hospital to see if they can use it.

This is what Calorimetry looks like when worn. I might actually have to make one for myself! It functions as a headband *and* earwarmer all in one, which is pretty nifty. It’s also really soft and flexible, unlike most lycra/fabric headbands.

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