Here are my finished, pre-felted Fiber Trends clogs (with a pair of baby mitts for size). I used Patons Classic Wool, held doubled, in Wedgewood and Black. I actually quite liked the yarn – it’s nothing special but certainly not horrible. I got it on sale so these slippers cost me less than $13. I used nearly two skeins of the Black, and nearly one skein of the Wedgewood.
That is my foot sticking out of the clog, to give you some idea of how big it is! The sole is double-thick. The weird color pattern you can see where the Wedgewood meets the Black sole is where the increases happen. I have to admit at such a loose gauge, with yarn held doubled, it was kind of tricky keeping track of it all!
Here is the bottom of the sole. It is worked in one long piece, and then seamed together down the middle.
I messed up a little bit with the “bumper” on one of the soles – I worked it the wrong way (going up instead of going down). I decided I didn’t care enough to re-do it (I hate picking up stitches!) so I left it. You can see here how the bottom of the left slipper doesn’t look as “finished”.. oh well! Posted by Picasa