Apologies for the cat. It’s time for bed, I ran out of patience. It is not a small cardigan, it’s a big cat. I’m making the Medium. It’s fabulous. I actually tried it on myself, but couldn’t manage to hold the shoulder together, hold the front together, and take a photo at the same time so you don’t get to see that :) I’ll try for a photo after I’ve finished the left front and seamed it.
Here’s the right front (left to look at). I love the stitch pattern. Subtle texture. It’s really nice.
Also, the back neckline. I haven’t paid enough attention to the later instructions to figure out why I didn’t bind off here just yet. That was silly, really. I am sure it will all work out in the end. It’s a remarkably well-written pattern. Except for the stitch counts that aren’t correct during the neck/arm shaping.

The right front, showing the neckline shaping and a tiny bit of the armhole shaping. Beautiful. I’ve got to get daylight photos – maybe tomorrow.

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