Finished this pair of shorties. I think we decided the yarn is Marr Haven. I didn’t really care for it. Too rustic and it feels funny to me. Makes a nice pair of shorties though :) The dye job is lovely also. I used all of the blue but still have a bunch of green/variegated leftover. Not sure I like how it pooled but not bothered enough to fix it. Also wish I’d done garter instead of seed stitch for the cuffs but again – not so much on the “care enough to fix” spectrum :)

Vanilla Spice is on hold. I’ve started one arm and am maybe 1/2 way finished. Started a baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting out of Manos Cotton Stria for a co-worker’s baby gift. It’s a girl – so I’m striping pink, green and blue. It looks awesome. I think. Feels nice too. Soft but not velvety. I’m hoping it can handle gentle wash/cold. I’ll do up a swatch and test before I gift the item. We’ll see. Either way I think the mum-to-be will handle it with care so I don’t feel awful using a “hand wash, spin excess water in spin cycle, machine dry” yarn.

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