This is my April Three Irish Girls YOTM yarn. It’s Galenas Merino, dyed in the Curran colorway. I love-love-love this yarn. I don’t know why. I would not have thought I would like it. But I love it. I have visions in my head of a big (adult-sized-sweater) project using this stuff. For now, though, it has become a drop-stitch scarf.
Tomás thinks it is just fabulous. He approves of Three Irish Girls yarn in general and seemed especially fond of this one. I did not attempt to get a photo of the scarf stretched out fully.
Close up of the color. Yes, it’s a single ply yarn. Yes, I have said in the past that I loathe single ply yarns. More and more I am beginning to think that I just loathe Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride.
This is how much yarn I had left (that’s my handy new scale – it measures to the nearest gram!). I originally underestimated how much yarn was left and bound off too early. Actually, I just really wanted ice cream and I had promised myself I wouldn’t get any unless I finished the scarf, so I think I convinced myself I didn’t have enough for another repeat just so I could have ice cream. When I got home from knitting night I unpicked the bind off and did another repeat. Not too shabby! I’m getting good at this guessing game.

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