(This is the second time I have posted a post successfully according to the new Blogger only to have it not show up on my Blogspot page. I am really not happy with new Blogger lately – anyone have suggestions for a photo-friendly blog site?)

I’m making these gloves for the friend of a woman in my knitting group. She has a disease that means she has to wear gloves nearly all the time, so the woman in my knitting group has put out a call for fingerless gloves for her friend.
I think I bit off a bit more than I should have on this one – I’m making them up entirely. I’m not sure I’m pleased enough with them to give them to someone else. I think the middle finger is a bit too long and that’s easy to fix. However, I think the palm is a bit too bunchy (possibly just due to the thickness of the yarn) and I don’t have the patience to fix that. I’m also not positive I can recreate it for the other hand. So this might be a single glove for me – we’ll see.
I do really like this detail around the cuff; it reminds me of leaves on a vine.
I am very proud of my thumb gusset, though!

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