Thanks to Shiori, I now own a gorgeous drop spindle.  I am learning how to spin.  I made some pretty blue and brown two-ply yarn, some pretty pink two-ply yarn and a pretty pink single last week.  I’ll post pictures of those later.  If that wasn’t exciting enough I made some more yarn last night. This yarn is blue and pink.  It’s two-ply too.  I don’t know how to do anything but two-ply yarn right now but I will learn eventually.  Well, I guess I know how to make a single since that is how a two-ply yarn starts out but that’s another story.  The single I made last week was on a spinning wheel.

 Anyway, I went to the Eastside Spinners group two Thursdays ago and Nancy gave me some cast offs of the fiber she was spinning.  See, the fiber was pink and white and blue and she really only wanted the blue parts. So, she ripped out some of the bits of pink and white.  And she gave me some!  Thanks, Nancy!  I spun it up last night while watching the Deadliest Catch.  I love that show.  Anyway, according to Nancy’s blog this fiber is “Shetland from Spunky Ecelectic Fiber of the Month club; December 2006 I think.”

 It was very easy to spin, in fact almost too easy, because I went through a stretch of a few yards where it was so thin I kept breaking it.  Oops.  Anyway after that I kind of got the hang of it and I spun about half of the fiber.  Then I did the Andean Plying thing that Suzanne showed me last week (sorry Suzanne I don’t know where your blog is).  At least I think Suzanne showed it to me.  It all got a little confusing after awhile!

 So here is my pretty yarn.

This is the while I was spinning the single.

This is after I finished spinning the single, on my spindle.  I am mostly still doing the park and draft thing but I managed to actually drop spindle for a little bit.  I get kind of lazy toward the end and it gets a little more thick and thin.  Also it is a little more thick and thin where I attach a new piece of fiber.
This is where I was ready for Andean Plying.  I didn’t cut off circulation to my middle finger!
And this is the finished product!  I still haven’t washed and set it. Apparently that involves a little bit of dish soap, and some water. Then you hit it against something.  I forgot to ask what temperature of water, and whether I do it in the skein like this or looped into a big circle or what. I will have to ask more about this process on Thursday.
One last picture of my yarn.  It does not look nearly as nice as Nancy’s.  But it is pretty good for my fourth yarn!

If you are interested, this is what Nancy did with the same fiber. She is much better than I am!