Here’s the previously mentioned tutorial for the 1/2 RC (right leaning cable cross).

In these photos, the purple is the working yarn, light green the slipped stitch and the two darker green stitches were knit in the last round.  RHN = Right hand needle, LHN = left hand needle.


1. Ready to start!


 2. Stretch the slipped stitch if needed to make the next step easier.


3. Insert RHN into slipped stitch as if to knit

4. Wrap working yarn around RHN and pull it through the slipped stitch (this last step is not pictured – sorry!). You now have one new stitch on your RHN, and the same number as before on your LHN.


5. Insert RHN into first stitch on LHN as if to knit and wrap working yarn around RHN

 6.  Pull working yarn through first stitch on LHN – you have just created a stitch (the second one on your RHN – this photo is deceptive, the right-most stitch on my RHN is the first purl stitch)

7. Insert RHN into second stitch on LHN and knit it.  You now have three new stitches on your RHN.

8. Slip all three of the stitches you just knit into (two knit stitches and one slipped stitch) off the LHN — Finished!