You may remember last fall when I participated in a round of charity auctions, helping to raise money for a little boy named Nat, who was undergoing treatment for a meduloblastoma tumor in his brain. 

 I am sad to report that the treatment did not work.  Three-year-old Natty passed away on December 1 2006. 

According to Natty’s family’s religious tradition, his headstone is placed at the grave one year after burial. This one-year mark is coming up quickly for little Nat’s family, and the members of the Fiber Arts Avengers feel strongly that they should not have to bear the cost of the headstone along with the grief of losing their son.  To help raise money to offset the cost of the headstone, we’ve arranged another round of auctions/raffles.

 The list of all items up for raffle/auction can be found here .  My contribution is a lovely little baby kimono sweater, knit using the Mason-Dixon Knitting baby kimono pattern and offered for raffle with permission from Kay Gardiner.  It can be found here.  I also provided a couple of pieces of knit fruit (pumpkins and and apple) for this auction of knit toys.  This time, we’ve branched out a bit.  In addition to the usual yarn, baby clothes/diapers and handknit items, we have 4 lbs of fresh salmon and some aromatherapy products.  Check it out!