While in Bali, we also got to visit a weaving and dyeing studio.  Unfortunately there were not many weavers about, but I did get a few photos.  All of the dyeing is done with natural dyes, such as indigo.  I wish I could remember the other plants our guide told me they use for the other colors but I don’t remember. Oh well.  It was really pretty, anyway.  Nobody was spinning while we were there but I did get a picture of the spinning wheels they use. They are kind of different to what I am used to.

Some cotton thread. I wish I’d thought to put my hand in the picture for scale. It’s really thin, at any rate.

This frame shows the thread above in its entirety – you still can’t tell how thin it is but it gives some idea how much of it there was, I guess.

Spinning wheel and other devices.

Thread drying.

Pink, Green, Yellow, Beige


I just loved all of the colors all hanging together like this. So pretty!

Thread being dyed

Weaving project. Women do the weaving, mostly, and they do it in their spare time. Balinese women are very busy looking after their homes and families, making offerings, cooking or cleaning or working in the tourist trade, and also they find time to weave or do other things to bring in more income for the family. Our guide said it takes about a week of spare-time work to do a piece this wide and about 1 meter long.