If you have been wondering: “why aren’t you posting?”, it’s because I haven’t been knitting.  I’ve been having a fair bit of wrist pain again, and so the knitting has been set aside.  After a trip to the doctor and the physical therapist I finally have a diagnosis – cubital tunnel, and tennis elbow.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

 I’m hopeful that physical therapy will help – so far, the doctor’s taking a different approach than I’ve had previously. My appointment Thursday consisted of some tests as usual, but the tests were followed by a lovely massage of my forearm muscles, and then some time wrapped in ice packs with these little electric things attached to my arms which made them all tingly.  Very strange. 

 Oddly enough, each visit to the doctor (first to the wrist specialist for diagnosis, then to the physical therapist) has resulted in MORE pain in the days immediately following.  I find this frustrating, but hopefully things will improve in time.  I still have to go and let them stick needles in my arms to determine how badly the nerves are damaged.

 Did I mention I also have some weak muscles under my right shoulder blade? Yeah, that’s fun too.