I have been tagged.  I don’t usually do these, but two friends from England (who blog at Potential and Expectations and Prairie Road) have tagged me for two different questionnaires, so I will oblige :) Erin actually tagged me a few months ago, but, well, I’m a slacker!  Most of my friends with blogs have already done these, so I won’t tag anyone else.

#1: The rules are that I have to post 7 facts about myself.

  • I hate mushrooms and celery. These things are in a lot of canned or store-made soups :(
  • I am a really lousy housekeeper.  I hate to dust and mop, and I really don’t like cleaning the bathtub.
  • I am NOT a morning person AT ALL, but when given the choice, I set my work hours as 7.30 – 4 instead of 8.30-5 or even 9-5.30, because I discovered how nice it is to get out of work before everyone else.
  • I have a mole on the side of my head, my hair hides it but sometimes a hairdresser doesn’t listen when I tell her about it and combs right over it. Ouch!
  • I have the blackest thumb I have ever known, I just can’t keep plants alive! But every year, I keep trying. One day I will succeed!
  • I love to read, but I don’t usually like to read anything especially deep or thought-provoking. Lately I’ve been on a vampire-and-werewolf kick.
  • Sometimes I wish I could be a writer. Fiction, of course.

#2: Erin asked these questions.

1. Is there a place in the world that you consider home? Why?  Where I am now feels like home to me.  I really love it here, and I hope to live here for a long time.  In some ways, however, New Hampshire will always be home because it is where I grew up.
2. You’re not a parent, and yet you know so much about children through your work and study.  When you consider the children you’ve known who have really thrived, can you attribute that to any specific actions on the part of the parents?  I think the key thing is parental involvement and a willingness to adapt. Every child is different, even siblings can be very different from each other, and it seems to take parents who are willing to really grow to know and support their child(ren) to be really successful.  Also, most of the really super parents I’ve known realize that it’s okay to have fun sometimes, and not everyone is perfect all of the time :)
3. You are an American dating a Brit.  How do you think a cross-cultural relationship might differ from one between two people from the same country? It’s a bit different in my case since my boyfriend was only raised by British parents, and he hadn’t actually lived there until we moved to London.  But even still, it is funny the little cultural quirks that we discover – even something as simple as the difference between me saying “brush my teeth” and him saying “clean my teeth”.  I think it would be much different for people from two very different cultures – in some ways I think the difference between British and American isn’t that far off from the difference between Alabama and Minnesota!
4. What is it that you love so much about knitting? I find it rather relaxing, and I have always liked doing crafty things.  I’m good at it, too, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of finishing something.
5. Do you feel you have a vocational passion, and if so, what is it?  I really enjoy my current job, I find it rather satisfying and not too frustrating.  However, I also enjoy working with younger children and I think I have a knack to it.  At the moment I have no desire to work with kids again and I am content with my current career track, but who knows what I will end up doing in the future ;)