We have a new cat, Bella. She’s lovely and we like her very much, but she keeps stealing Tomás’ bed.  We waited to buy her a cat bed until we knew if she wanted one, and now we think she does.  So we priced cat beds and were astounded to find that they are ~$40!!  Tom’s was a gift so we did not realize how expensive they are.  So, creative person that I am, I first thought about sewing one out of fleece.  Then I decided that was too much work so I am knitting her one. I was originally going to use some Plymouth Galway Highland Wool that I got years ago to knit a Rogue but have since decided not to do, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to break up a sweater’s worth of yarn for a cat bad.  So, I went fishing in my stash.  I had some Manos del Uruguay lying around that I have not been able to come up with anything to do with, and a knitted-but-not-finished Clapotis of Manos that I ripped out.  So far, I have used 3 balls of a variegated color and am on my second ball of a dark blue to work with.  At $14/skein (retail value at my lys), that makes this a $70 cat bed… not counting labor and water/electricity to felt the darn thing.  So much for saving money.. ;)

 I’ve started with the basic Kitty Pi pattern from the Wendy Knits website, but am making a few modifications. We’ll see how it ends up..

 For now, I’ll leave you with a few photos – if I get a move on, I might be felting this tomorrow.

Bella sitting in her partially-finished bed; I was partway through the base piece at this point, and was taking a break to frog the Clapotis.

She looks very cosy, doesn’t she?  I chose to do the base entirely in the variegated, hoping I could do the sides in the dark blue and finish with a stripe of variegated – but the base used exactly all of the variegated yarn, so the sides will just be dark blue.