Well, I finished Bella’s bed last night and felted it today.  One trip through the wash cycle, and it was good. I let it spin out in the washing machine and then stretched and shaped it.  It’s dark and gloomy today so the photos are not the greatest but here we go:

Here is the bed pre-felting. That’s my 15-pound cat in the background, on a twin bed, for scale.

I used all, every single little bit, of the variegated and almost all of the navy. I have about 3 yards left.  There is a tiny bit of shaping in the navy, to help encourage it to fold over and make nice thick sides.


Post-felting. I’ve folded over the sides here and stuffed it lightly with plastic bags.  When it’s dry I’m definitely going to stuff the sides – and either just sew those shut, or add a sturdy fabric bottom and stuff the bottom also. I’m not sure what, yet.  The variegated does come up a little bit onto the sides on the inside.

Here’s the underside – it’s actually fairly sturdy, you can tell that the fabric is not really collapsing much in the middle. The navy sides come down to be just even with the base.

Bella explored it briefly; it’s still wet but it doesn’t feel too bad, the spin cycle worked fairly well.

Then she sat in it.  It’s definitely big enough for her!