On a whim, I joined the Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for 2007.  As a club member, I expect to get six shipments (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec), each with a new, unique pattern and enough yarn in a new, unique colorway to knit a pair of socks.  The club is not over yet, but I’m in a crabby mood and I feel the need to share my thoughts on the club.

Overall, it’s been okay, but not great.  I have only used one of the patterns so far, and none of the club yarn selections (although I do have great plans for two of them).  I find there is a disconnect between the patterns and the colorways.  The patterns almost seem to fight with the yarn, rather than blending harmoniously together.  This is rather frustrating, as I then have to find other patterns to use with the yarn and other yarn to use with the patterns.

One of my main complains, however, is a really petty one.  It’s simple.  I always get my package late.  Well, it seems late to me – it doesn’t count as late to BMFA, but I always get it at least 3 days after the first domestic member receives their yarn.  This company is in Oregon – one state away.  It should be simple.  I should not be getting my package days after people in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Southern California, and who knows where else.  (I’m ignoring the fact that they ship international packages a week earlier than domestics, since I understand mailing internationally can be unpredictable.)

Apparently, their office is in such a small town that it cannot handle the volume if they ship all of the domestic packages in one day, so they do it in batches.  OK, that’s great.  But maybe it would be nice to vary the order in which things go out with each shipment?  Or, maybe they could travel to a few area post offices to spread the burden and get everything shipped on the same day? They ship via priority mail, which is usually 2-3 days anywhere in the US so the distance does not really matter as much.

My other little petty gripe is in regards to the “surprises” that are periodically included.  So far, we’ve had a single greeting card with a picture of the colorway on it, a sheet of rub-on tattoos (seriously? Do adults wear those things?) and now my personal favorite (which I have only heard about through the grape vine since I have yet to receive my package) – toy spiders.  WTF?  I do admit the greeting card was nice, I wish we had just got a greeting card with that month’s colorway on it instead of rub-on tattoos and fake spiders.

I definitely will not be renewing my membership next year.  Between the incompatibility of yarn/pattern, the hideous colorways (and I really like most of the regular BMFA colorways), the delay in arrival of the package and the general feeling of distaste I get from the club blog (which I find to be quite catty; it seems that club members are unable to express our personal opinions if they are not pure adoration of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the representatives of BMFA do nothing to facilitate), there is really nothing to draw me back to the club. 

Ah, well. Perhaps I will find another one for next year!