I am working out an idea for a sweater in my mind.  It’s going to be a cardigan, a zippered one I am pretty sure.  It’ll be a little bit fitted and it MIGHT even have bust darts (that is a very tentative might). So, I’m looking for advice.

I am going to use yarn from Three Irish Girls, Elenya Alpaca to be exact, which is a light worsted-ish yarn.  I’m almost certain I’ll use Fitzgerald, with a coordinating solid in the Spruce color.  I still *might* use Carrick, with an undetermined coordinating solid.

Here are my ideas (please note that the yarn will not be exactly this splotchy, but the spraypaint tool was the easiest way to approximate variegated yarn with Paint):

1) Variegated body with contrast color at the neckline and zipper bands, and corrugated ribbing with the contrast color and variegated color at the waist and wrists.

2) Wide Stripes of variegated and contrast color, with contrast solid zipper bands.

3) Thin stripes of the contrast solid and thicker stripes of the variegated, with contrast solid button bands, and possibly corrugated ribbing at the waist and wrists.

So – what do you prefer, and why?