I have been embarking on an organizational project.  As part of this, I discovered a few UFOs and I thought I would share them here.  One I think will be frogged. Another I don’t have the faintest idea what to do with it. The final one will eventually be part of a set.. eventually being the key word!


This is part of a washcloth. I am fairly sure it will be frogged.  I am not happy with it in the slightest.  I think it really needs a thicker yarn to be really happy.. but then it will be really big, so I’m not sure.

This is a little sock I made with some leftover hand-dyed Cascade 220 to practice a technique; it’s baby-sized, but I don’t have enough yarn for another one – anyone know a baby with only one foot?

Eventually I will have a whole set of little ornaments, in different colors/patterns. I’m practicing my fair isle, this one I did with both strands in my left hand.