The coronet is finally finished, complete with pompom. I love it!  It’s a tiny bit on the large side which I prefer, I just hope it fits my hat swap partner.


The cable band was a lot of fun to do. I slipped the first stitch of each row to help make a more defined edge.  I am pretty sure I like it it better than not slipping, it almost looks like an i-cord edging.

My grafting job was reasonable, not fabulous but reasonable, and I did go back in with some duplicate stitching to better define the cables where they met.

Here is the teaser photo I sent my swap buddy.  I included a neat little snowflake tin (she said she likes snowflakes), some stitch markers, some autumn-inspired novelty yarn (enough for a scarf – she said autumn colors are favorites of hers), some fabulous notecards from my friend Rachel (with snowflakes!) and a few other bits and pieces.