How can you not love this yarn?  It is so beautiful.  It is soft, and drapes fabulously.  It has just the right amount of shine and halo. 

I count between 5.5-5.75 sts/inch.  22.5 sts/4″ to be precise.  Also, 32 rows/4″.  Neither of these fit the specs of Cardigan for Arwen (the intended project), but I am not afraid of math.  I am, however, afraid of getting the cables to line up properly!  I’m going to ball up a hank of the Spruce and do some swatching in the cable pattern to see what I get. 

I may end up doing something else, but, I think I really want to do this one.  I have to sit down with the pattern and see what I can sort out.  A small part of me just wants to do a simple, in-the-round striped raglan sweater. But…. well, we’ll see!