I went to a dye day at Shiori’s house on Saturday, it was an event organized by the Eastside Spinners.  We had a blast and I took a lot of photos so I will split this into several posts.  First up is the preparation.  Andrea showed us a lot of sample cards for the dye we were using (Mother MacKenzie’s Miracle Dye) and explained how to go about mixing colors (don’t forget to add the vinegar!) and painting our skeins.  First, you put your yarn in skeins and tie it off in two places using a really loose figure 8.  Then, you soak the yarn in warm water for 30 minutes. You should keep squishing the yarn down in the water to make sure it is thoroughly saturated too.  Bonus points if it is snowing out, since that will just add to the moisture!


Linny and Shiori chatting, notice the big bag of fiber!

Lots of undyed yarn.

Filling the water bucket.

The set-up, premixed dyes ready to go!  We used blue painter’s tape to mark our names on the yarn so we could keep them straight.

The yarn is soaking in its bath. I only did two ties on my skeins but I think next time I would do four or three. It was a little tangly.


Snow makes everything better.

We covered the tables with plastic to protect them, and then used polyvinyl film to wrap each individual skein.