This was the fun part. It was a little bit messy and I don’t like messy, but it was fun!  It was also a little bit cold to have our hands submerged in water or squeezing wet yarn, since it was snowy and cold.  First thing you do is take your yarn out of the water and wring it out. Then you mix your colors up and go to down with whatever application method you prefer.  We had paintbrushes, which were awesome, medicine droppers/syringes which were good for small applications and you could always just pour dye over the yarn.  Once you apply the yarn you have to be sure to squish it all around on the yarn to make sure everything gets saturated. You don’t want too much dye though or it will just be wasted.  Then you wrap your yarn up in a nice little saran wrap/polyvinyl film package and set it to steam over boiling water.

Part 1 of my first yarn (Knitpicks wool/silk blend).  I used blue, cyan and I made a green (not yet applied). Linny is across from my painting with purple and magenta!

More of Linny’s pretty yarn, being wrapped up to steam!  Those spots on the table are snowdrops.

You can also dye roving. I don’t remember who’s this is (maybe Suzanne?)

My one getting ready to be wrapped up.

All wrapped up and waiting for steaming (Mine is on the right), quickly being covered by snow!

The big pots for steaming the yarn. They have water in the bottom then a steaming rack, then the yarn goes on the top.

After steaming, the yarny packages cool down in the snow. Lindsey’s in on the right and mine is on the left. I don’t know who’s is on the bottom.