I had a skein of some rather shockingly bright yarn hanging around, it was the December selection from the Three Irish Girls YOTM club.  I have to admit I thought it would be a bit more muted when I chose it, but I actually rather liked it when it arrived. 

(This is not quite as bright as it is in real life!)

I knew it would take a special project to pull off this level of brightness so when I learned that a friend is expecting a baby this September I came up with just the thing.  I have been wanting to try out Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) pattern for quite some time now, but haven’t had any babies to knit for, nor have I had the right yarn.  However, it turns out that using this Lancelot sport/DK weight yarn with size 3 needles produces just the right gauge to knit the BSJ pattern in a 3-6 month size – perfect for a September baby.  I still have to sew the shoulder seams and add buttons, but for the most part it is finished.  It’s a fascinating pattern and I cannot wait to make more.


Decreases (it’s a straight line, I promise!)

Nearly finished, blob-like sweater (see my lifeline? I stuck that in there in case I ran out of yarn, so I could take out the five ridges of lengthening stitches easily).

Unseamed and unblocked – but still adorable! This yarn really works in this pattern, I think; there was not a ton of pooling thank goodness.

Leftover yarn – not much! I was getting a bit panicked toward the end; I only did 5 ridges of “lengthening” stitches to conserve yarn, and I’m glad I did. I should have enough to seam the shoulders, sew down buttons and possibly crochet an edging around the sweater.