I am currently working on a slightly modified Zodiac sleep sack. I say slightly modified because my gauge is a little bit different, so I am adjusting the stitch count. I’m also adding some stripes to make the yarn that I have go a bit further.  I’m using Peace Fleece in Hemlock and Father’s Grey.

I think the colors go well together. The Father’s Grey has faint flecks of the same green that is in the Hemlock so it ties together.  I’m doing 14-row stripes because that is how often the decreases happen.  I’m thinking I’ll continue the stripes for the bottom portion and then just use solid Hemlock for the top section.

The pattern calls for a zipper to be sewn in along the bottom. I’m not really thrilled with that idea, but I neglected to think about how to stop the bottom from curling when I started, and I am not about to rip back all of these rows. So, I may attempt to add some elastic or a drawstring to help keep the edges down; if that doesn’t work a few rows of some sort of crochet should work.

You may have noticed the needles in the above photo – yes, those are Knitpicks Harmony needles! I recently got these secondhand for a great price and I am thrilled with them so far!  I must say I am not noticing a HUGE difference, speed-wise, from the nickel-plated options but they do feel warmer and they are quieter too.  So far, I’m a fan.  Unfortunately, all of the speedy stockinette I have been working on lately is really taking its toll and I’m rather sore… I may be heading back to physical therapy in the not-too-distant future.

At the same time, the baby this is intended for is a March baby so I had better get cracking to ensure it arrives in time!  If I space it out a bit each day it won’t be too bad.