I keep waiting for my yarn to be dry so I can put it in a ball and take pretty pictures. But, it’s still not dry. It’s really getting a little bit silly.  Partly this is because I did not have time to finish rinsing it out so I didn’t want to hang it dry at first since it was still dripping little bits of dye.  Then I didn’t have the chance to finish rinsing it for a few days. After that, our spare bathroom (and everything else in the condo) was being painted and the painter used the spare bathtub to rinse his stuff in, so I couldn’t hang it to dry in there.  So it sat even longer. Finally I last week I hung it to dry but of course it has been cool and humid (or so I think?) so it still is not dry.  But I am too impatient, so here are the photos as it stands at the moment.


This one is Worker Blue, Cyan, and a green that I made.  I don’t know if I didn’t mix the green well enough, if I didn’t squish it in to the yarn well enough, or what, but all of the green is not the same color green.  Who knows.

This one, I used Worker Blue, Worker Red, and I made a green again.  I also added a little bit of black to both the blue and the magenta.  I like this one, I hope it ends up looking good when I knit it up. I was hoping for a real red, and it was red before rinsing – but once I rinsed it, it became more of a pink/magenta. I definitely think this is too girly for the original intended recipient so we’ll see what I do with it.