I decided on the Shapely Tank from White Lies Design for my silk/merino yarn. I dutifully knit and measured my gauge swatch – 5 sts/inch. Perfect.

 So I started knitting.  Well. Not so perfect.  Apparently now I’m getting 4.5 sts/inch. Whoops.  Also, the yarn is sorta pooling on the short-rowed section. I’m not concerned about this happening for the sweater body as I am just doing the very beginnings back and forth and then I am modifying the pattern to work it in the round so the yarn will not pool as much hopefully. But, I’m not sure I’m okay with even this much pooling for the hemline. Combined with my funny gauge…… I think we are destined for frog city.

 With my new gauge, I might do the Ballet Camisole from Magknits instead…

Yeah… that’s a lot of green.

Another little pool of green.

Another slightly pooling section, but also good image of the colors in general.