I am really enjoying my Knit Me Up sock club socks.  So far (after just the one shipment) I adore this club so much more than the Blue Moon Fiber Arts club I belonged to last year.  I would never have chosen red yarn, or a heart patterned sock, on my own – but the combination is stunning, and the pattern is really enjoyable to work.

 Because I apparently have super tiny feet, I had to modify the pattern to get it to work for me.  I removed the border knits, and also cut 4 stitches (2 on each side) from the pattern repeat. Thus I am working over 52 stitches.  I am using my U-nitt bamboo DPNs in size 0. They are not my absolute favorite needles but I like them reasonably well.  I first attempted the socks with Knitpicks Harmony fixed-length circs in size 1 but unfortuntaely my gauge did not cooperate with those needles.  I wanted to do these two at once but it is just not happening :(

 I have just completed the heel turn on my first sock. There are some photos on my camera but they have not yet been uploaded, so I leave you with some photos of the sock after just two pattern repeats.

See? Hearts!