I finished the sleep sack over the weekend.  I am not thrilled with it, but it is reasonable.  I think I have some disagreements with the pattern author but maybe I am just confused about what a sleep sack should be like.  I did find the most adorable wood buttons which I love – but I’m unhappy with the buttonhole placement. Of course, not unhappy enough to re-do it, but still.

 If I were to do this pattern again, I would put the buttons on the straps I think; or at least make a significantly longer placket. I think I would also knit a facing hem, which can be folded over to hold some elastic, rather than a zipper, ribbing or drawstring or any other kind of closure on the bottom.

 I did manage, rather unintentionally, to have precisely even stripes – down to the last one! I tried to plan this in advance but was not completely sure what my row gauge would end up being, so I wasn’t completely sure frmo the beginning that it would work out the whole way – I was pleasantly surprised that it did!

Cute buttons! (does anyone know where that shadow on the bottom comes from?? It happens frequently when I am taking macro shots)

Tomás approves!



I also finished a quick little ribbed hat tonight, using the same green Peace Fleece. I’ll take/post photos of it later this week :)