I’ve started work on my second “Knit Me Up” sock club socks.  So far, I am still really enjoying this club.  The patterns are great (not too fiddly, but still attractive) and they really coordinate with the yarn (a big pet peeve of mine – don’t advertise a “sock club” that provides yarn and a pattern if the yarn and the pattern don’t go together!).  The yarn is nice as well, not too tightly spun that it is rough, not too loosely spun that it doesn’t feel sturdy.  I have four months left of the club and I have heard that the next shipment will NOT be a semi-solid, so we’ll see if I like her multi-color colorways as much as I adore her semisolids.

I do have a few complaints, namely that the patterns could use some more proof-reading (the patterns themselves are quite accurate, but the accompanying text needs a bit of work) and the yarn could use some more setting/rinsing (my hands are BLUE after just a few rounds of working on these socks!), but they are minor compared to how much I adore this club so far!

The pattern that came with the March yarn is called “The Tracks of Her Tears” or something like that, but I’m calling my socks “Bella’s Tears” – it fits well with the February socks which are called “Edward’s Heart”.  I am working the socks two-at-once on a long Knitpicks harmony size 1 circular.  I started doing them on two circs but found that one circ is long enough for both so I went with that.  They are moving along well, after only 2 repeats I’ve already memorized the pattern so they are an easy knit too.  My only complaint is that the small needles/yarn really aggravate my wrists so I have to pace myself and only work on them a bit at a time.  Oh well – I’ll finish eventually!

These photos are not the best, I am having a hard time photographing the blue yarn, but it is beautiful!