The wrist pain is still bothersome, so I have not worked on much lately.  I’ve got a few more rows in on my second “Edward’s Heart” sock; I’m now three repeats in to the leg of the sock – it’s a quick, easy repeat, but the tiny gauge gets me every time.  I’ve only got a few more rows finished on “Bella’s Tears”, they are really pretty. 

I am craving an easy-knit project but nothing on my list fits that category just now.  A friend is having a baby girl later this year, so I’m thinking I’ll start something for her instead. The soaker sack pictured below is just not doing it for me, so it’s going to go bye-bye in favor of something else, I just haven’t decided *what* yet.

Details and photos of the Knit Me Up Twilight club April shipment are behind the cut.

I just received my third Knit Me Up Twilight sock club shipment and it is gorgeous.  The colorway is called “Hoh” and the pattern “Escape”; the colors are not quite right to my mind based on our visit to the Hoh Rainforest in September of 2006, but I can see the inspiration anyway. I personally would have gone for more forest and less teal, more brown and less orange, but the more I look at the colors the more they grow on me!  The pattern looks interesting, it’s a leafy lace pattern on a reverse-stockinette background. I’m torn between waiting to cast on until I’ve finished Edward’s Heart and Bella’s Tears and following the pattern, and saving the pattern for something else and just knitting plain jane socks with this yarn so I have something easy to knit.  I think I really ought to wait, I will be much happier knitting this yarn with this pattern (though the thought of all that purling makes me a little bit crazy!), but I am just dying for an easy-knit project.