I decided I needed an instant-gratification project for myself, so I started a pair of socks with some yarn I got from a woman in my knitting group.  It’s Mountain Colors Weaver’s Wool Quarters in a gorgeous colorway, Midnight Sapphire.  I am making up a pattern as I go and so far it is OK.  I would not do it again but I don’t hate it enough to rip out the socks and start over.  I really, really love this color but the pattern I chose (because it was easy!) does not do it justice.  There are details on the pattern on my Ravelry page, but basically it’s a mock/baby cable, toe up with short row heel and gusset.

Here are a few not-great photos, it’s very difficult to take pictures of this yarn/pattern.

I started these on the evening of the 17th when I finished one toe, Sunday night I finished the first heel and last night I ripped and re-did the heel twice to get it the right size. Today I finished the second heel and I’m now working them together again. I’m not sure how long they will be.

 the sole, no flash

Sole, with flash – I think this is the best representation of the color.

This one’s dark, but it’s the best photo of the pattern.