I finally finished my “quick socks”. For me, they were in fact quick, but not nearly as quick as some people can manage!

I finished the knitting last night and wove in the ends today. I’ll wear them to work tomorrow – we even have a casual day, so I’ll wear shoes that will show them off a bit more.

I swear they are exactly even (I knit them two at once), even though they look crooked here. I tried a new stretchy cast off (bind off), which I found here, and I think I like it. It’s slightly stretchier even than the sewn bind off I usually use. It’s a little less neat looking but I think that will improve with practice.

You want more photos? Okay!
The lighting is not great, and the flash highlights all of the little holes, but overall I am fairly proud of my heels (considering I did them without consulting any patterns). I did a little gussetry and then short rowed the heels.

I also added some 2×2 ribbing at the top of the cuff – in retrospect I could have just continued the pattern all the way up but I was kind of tired of it by then. The ribbing was a nice break :) You can kind of see at the side how the top is a little ruffly.

And here are my beautiful toes. I am so in love with this yarn. I am not sure how much I have left, but it’s a fair amount. It might be fingerless mitts.