I’m working on a few things at the moment, all with the Three Irish Girls Carys BFL I got last week. I love this yarn. Sharon at 3IG helped me pick colors that coordinate well together, so I ended up with Maureen (pink/purple/brown) and Megan (pink), and Isla (green/purple/brown) and Isla Purple (uh.. purple). The Megan also works really well with the Nora on Springvale that I used for a baby sweater, and the Isla Purple goes passably well with the Maureen. Sharon gives excellent color advice and she is really great to work with!

Both projects are giving me problems, mostly because instead of using one pattern I am just putting together bits and pieces from lots of different ones. This post is very photo-heavy, although they are mostly all WIPs.

isla longies
Here are the Isla/Isla Purple longies; I think these need ripping and re-knitting at a different gauge. My leg gauge is fairly different from the body gauge!
isla waistband
I am inordinately proud of my waistband. I have never done an elastic waist before but I decided to try it for these. I made a little pocket and the elastic will fit in it later. I could have done a provisional cast on and then k2tog but I think this method (long-tail cast on, picking up stitches/k2tog) is way easier and since that bit goes on the inside it looks just as good. This photo is with the waistband turned down.
Megan longies
These longies will be under a skirty. That is a 6″ ruler for scale. I am concerned that the rise is too high but it measures spot-on according to my pattern. We’ll see.
Megan gusset
I’m pretty excited about my gusset.
Megan short rows
And my short rows (unblocked in this photo)
Megan skirty stitches
And here’s a bad photo of the stitches where the skirty will be attached.
And for good measure, here’s a photo of the Megan longies with the Nora sweater I finished last week. The colors actually go really well together! Unfortunately this will not be a set, because the Maureen skirty that I will be attaching to the Megan does not match the Nora at all – but I have enough of the Megan left that I think I’ll try to do a little hat with the leftover Nora.