I think there is a conspiracy against me by the post office, as once again I have had a fabulous mail day.

First, an early birthday present (I couldn’t resist! I opened it early!)

Knitting Nature
I am not sure how many of the full patterns I will make, but I love the designs and the construction and I definitely see myself using a lot of the techniques and general ideas. There are a few things in here I can’t wait to make too.

Second, my Twilight Stitch Marker Club May package arrived!

Here is a sneak peek, you can see more detailed photos on my Flickr account. I am really thrilled with these, the care and attention she put into this is just amazing. Each marker ties so well to the story, and they come on little notecards with quotes. Thank you, Torii!

Lastly, some stash building:

Rhiannon and a half-skein of Dolan on Peregrine Merino, from Three Irish Girls. I haven’t tried this yarn before, though it’s been around for ages. I’m looking forward to using this yarn!

Two skeins of Rowan Cork in a lovely latte color. This yarn has been discontinued, but I was gifted 5 skeins of it in a very light blue several months ago, so when someone on a forum I visit was destashing these, I picked them up to use with the blue for a tank top. I’ll use the brown for the edges and some stripes, and I think it will really help set off the pale blue, which is almost too washed out on its own.