I will be hosting a Three Irish Girls sweater KAL soon.  Instead of picking a specific pattern, I am leaving it wide open – any sweater you want, any colorway, any base yarn – as long as it is dyed by 3IG :)

The KAL will be starting sometime in August – details to be shared in the coming week – but I wanted to post here in case anyone is interested to give time to drool over the colorways and decide on your pattern :)  If a later start date is desired I may be persuaded to hold off another month or so, so please do speak up!  Between now and the start date there is plenty of time to pick out the pattern, order and receive yarn and do a swatch.

I will be making the Ribby Cardi, using Elenya Alpaca dyed in the Fitzgerald colorway (my yarn looks like the bottom photo) with coordinating “Spruce” trim.

If you are on Ravelry, my project details can be found here.  Also, we’ll have a thread on the Three Irish Girls group.

Finally, if anyone knows how to make and install a button on a WordPress blog please let me know – I am not really sure how to go about doing this!