Two skeins of yarn in the mail today – the last shipment of the Knit Me Up Twilight sock club, and the first of my Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista shipment!  I’m also nearly finished with my Hoh Rainforest socks from the … April? Knit Me Up Twilight sock club.  Just need to decide how long to make them.

What do you think – summery anklets, or longer socks? (ignore the lines on my calf from the socks I was wearing earlier – storebought socks just don’t fit properly! ;) Actually, don’t ignore them – that’s about where I would normally wear my socks, so I may go another inch or two on this cuff.)


Tomás is now guarding the paper that the 3IG yarn came wrapped up in – it must smell like something fantastic.

Here is the Azalea Orchid (semi-solid option) from the July 2008 Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista club

(Kells Sport Merino)

The pattern is called Popsicle and it is really neat, I will try to post a photo at a later date.  Included in the shipment were sample sizes of a wool wash, in Green Tea and Summer Sorbet scents. I think that is what Tom is smelling on the tissue paper!

And here is the Volturi colorway from the July 2008 Knit Me Up club

The pattern for this is Eclipse, or Volturi, I’m not positive which, and it is really neat looking. Can’t wait to give these a go!