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My August 3IG Sock Yarnista package arrived today! (If you haven’t received your package and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read the text on the info sheet.)

It is gorgeous. I love the yarn. Each month we can choose a variegated or a semi solid colorway. Last month I chose a semisolid which I loved (the Popsicle socks). This month, I went for the variegated.  It is really lovely.  The yarn base feels and looks incredible also. I can’t wait to give this yarn a try!  For photos and more information, look under the cut :)

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I made this little soaker sack last week to use up some Three Irish Girls Peregrine Merino that I had lying around.  The variegated color is Rhiannon, the green trim is Dolan.  This yarn is from when 3IG was still called Irish Baby Knits, so I think the colorway is a little bit different now.

It still needs the drawstring, but I’m making a little hat with the leftover yarn first and then whatever is still left after that I will use for the drawstring.

This thing is STURDY.  It’ll be bulletproof!

Here’s the start of the hat. Baby heads are tiny!

My final installment of the Twilight Stitch Marker club came this weekend. They are beautiful!!

Here is the packaging.

The goodies – a Jacob stitch marker (the kind that is open rather than a fixed ring) and a multi-ring row-counting stitch marker (awesome! This one can count up to 5 rows, my others only go up to 4.)

GORGEOUS Alice markers – photos cannot do these justice. The beads are some sort of gorgeous blue.

Some clear and red heart shaped markers, following a “Love” theme.

And a nod to Bella’s clumsiness!! A stethoscope, bandaid, nurse’s cap and crutch dangling from gorgeous blue markers :)

Thanks, Torii, for a fabulous three months :)

Look, it’s Not Socks!

Here’s the start of my Seascape Stole, out of Malabrigo Lace in the colorway “Oceanus”.

It’s lovely!

I just hope it ends up being wide enough. I am assured it will be, but of course I always worry.

Nancy showed me how to do a Twisted German Cast On, which is nice and elastic. I am going to have to remember it for future reference because it does seem quite a bit better than the standard long-tail.

I’ve only a few more rows to go before I start the actual patterning – here goes nothing!

This is (quite unintentionally!) turning into the Summer of Socks!

I finally finished my Popsicle socks last week, and I wore them today. I love them. They fit really well.

You are probably sick of hearing about these, so I will just add one more photo

Wait, I lied. There’s one more.

Okay, that’s really it this time.

I went to the local Barnes & Noble Breaking Dawn release party on Friday night. (I am not linking to a website for the book because I can’t find one that isn’t full of spoilers, and this book is really easy to spoil.) While I was there, trying to avoid the hordes of screaming tweens, I cast on for my next pair of socks. These are using both yarn and pattern from the Knit Me Up Twilight sock club (fitting, no?) – but not ones that were meant to be together.  I’m using the newest yarn, “Volturi”, with the pattern from two months ago, “Entangled”.  I have done 60 stitches for these though I have always had to go down a lot of stitches before now, I was hoping the cable would pull them in more. I am not sure if this is going to work or not.

I made a fair amount of progress so far. The yarn is really pretty!

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