My August 3IG Sock Yarnista package arrived today! (If you haven’t received your package and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read the text on the info sheet.)

It is gorgeous. I love the yarn. Each month we can choose a variegated or a semi solid colorway. Last month I chose a semisolid which I loved (the Popsicle socks). This month, I went for the variegated.  It is really lovely.  The yarn base feels and looks incredible also. I can’t wait to give this yarn a try!  For photos and more information, look under the cut :)

The colorway I chose is called Arctic Circle and it is a range from very light blue to black. The yarn base, Beckon Super Merino, is superwash (yay!) and a medium fingering weight (yay!). It’s super sproingy feeling and looks a bit fuzzy. It’s also really soft.

Also included is a mini-skein of the black! I see socks with coordinating colored toes and heels in my future, and I am so thrilled about that!  I need to find the perfect pattern that will really show off this yarn.

The pattern for this month is called Barrow and unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of it. It’s a very elaborate pattern with an intricate cable up the front and a lace pattern on the back of the leg. I am going to save the pattern for another yarn since I think the highly variegated nature of this yarn will interfere with the cables too much.

Also included in the package are a set of fantastic stitch markers. These will be perfect for sock knitting – one says “k2tog” and one says “ssk”.