Just a quick Three Irish Girls Sweater KAL update!

Over the years I have had a variety of repetitive-motion-related problems with my upper extremeties.  Mild carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, a pinched nerve, cubital tunnel and … who knows what else, and I’m having a fairly troublesome flare up now.  I’m not quite sure what the culprit is in this instance but it is particularly affecting my right side – wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck.  In any case, the best thing for it is rest, rest, rest and I have been trying to do that.

Add to that the fact that I’m getting married in, oh, approximately 12 days and you will hopefully understand why I haven’t been up to much knitting, which in turn leads to not much blogging (also, typing is challenging, which further hinders the blogging).

So – in the interim, check out the Three Irish Girls KAL project tag on Ravelry to see what all of the participants have been up to, and check back later for more scintillating KAL updates and information.  I’ll also be posting some non-KAL updates this week.