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My final installment of the Twilight Stitch Marker club came this weekend. They are beautiful!!

Here is the packaging.

The goodies – a Jacob stitch marker (the kind that is open rather than a fixed ring) and a multi-ring row-counting stitch marker (awesome! This one can count up to 5 rows, my others only go up to 4.)

GORGEOUS Alice markers – photos cannot do these justice. The beads are some sort of gorgeous blue.

Some clear and red heart shaped markers, following a “Love” theme.

And a nod to Bella’s clumsiness!! A stethoscope, bandaid, nurse’s cap and crutch dangling from gorgeous blue markers :)

Thanks, Torii, for a fabulous three months :)


I finished a pair of shorties recently and finally got the photos uploaded. They are really cute if I do say so myself. I knit them without looking at patterns, just sorting it out as I went, and I am pleased with how they turned out.  They are Peace Fleece in a dark blue color. I forget how sensitive I am to Peace Fleece. I can’t touch my eyes at all after using it without washing my hands or they itch like crazy for days.

They have a pocket on one side and the drawstring is made of dark blue and grey Peace Fleece, braided together (one blue, one grey per strand).  It makes for a sturdy drawstring.  I still have not worked out how to precisely center the drawstring. I think I need to start with p2 instead of k2 on the ribbing for it to work properly.



I did a little bit different short row shaping than usual, I put some little short rows at the top back and then spaced out some wide ones over the rest of the rear. All in all there is about 1.5″ more height in the back than in the front. I think this will work out just fine.  The cuffs are seed stitch cuffs and the top of the pocket is 4 rows of garter stitch.


I used stitch markers from my Twilight stitch marker club (from VelvetHippo on Etsy); on the sides I used the little black beaded ones (representing Edward’s eyes when he hasn’t fed recently) and for the gusset increases I used some of the flowers from the Meadow set.  I love these markers. I have used some like this recently that are very flimsy; these are nice and sturdy and very pretty to boot :)

I received my second shipment of the Twilight Stitch Marker club from Velvet Hippo!

I was never be a stitch marker person but lately I have been on such a kick. They are so handy. I do need to come up with a better way to store them though, in a more organized manner.

The Twilight novels are the first books I have joined any themed clubs for – I didn’t do this even for Harry Potter – and now I am in two; the Twilight Sock Club and this Stitch Marker Club.  They are both pretty nifty!

Anyway, without further delay, here are lots of photos of this month’s spoils (even more can be found at this Flickr tag) :)

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