I have made more progress on the socks for a friend. (Pardon the mediocre photo; the sun has not quite realized that it is SPRING!)

I am really, really enjoying these socks. I wasn’t sure if I would at first, since I usually knit with wool blends, but the Panda Cotton has really surprised me. A blend of bamboo, cotton and elastic nylon, the yarn is a little splitty but has a very nice feel to it. The finished fabric is wonderfully squishy and smooth to the touch. This pattern suits the yarn nicely, and while I am kicking myself for not choosing the other pattern I was considering (which only has patterning on every 4th row), it’s very easy to remember and not difficult to work. I will have to knit myself a pair when I have finished these!

Unfortunately, my friend has quite large feet so whilst the photo above makes it appear as if I am nearly finished, that’s not quite true. I still have about 5-6″ to go. But they’ll be done in no time – well, as soon as I have some time to sit down and work on them.

The Hiya Hiya needle is still a favorite, and I have put it through its paces while working the gusset on these socks (following the Upstream “sockitecture” from New Pathways for Sock Knitters). The cable is not *quite* as flexible as the Knitpicks circs, but the join is much sturdier and the needles are nice and slick with a good pointy tip.